Level 3 Course Information

Course Structure and timeline:

Below are details of the units we will complete in this class and the timeline for completing those units. The course is structured such that you will revise basic techniques relevant to making photographs (using the visual elements, composition techniques etc) before completing a basic camera skills course. Then you will learn the process of analysing the work of established artists. All of these skills then feed into the first of the internally assessed standards—the skills you develop here will give you the ability to successfully complete both the internals and the external folio board. For some Year 13s this will be revision from last year. If you’re are competent with basic camera skills, you can move straight into the internal standards. However, there is also much to be gained by revising these skills, particularly if you aren’t using them successfully already in your work.

At level 3, you will complete two bodies of work that will that constitute two internal standards (detailed below). The majority of this work will then form the basis of your externally assess folio board (consisting of three A1 panels). By the time you’ve completed these two standards, you should have enough material for roughly two of the three panels. You will need to keep on top of the deadlines for the internals in order fo allow yourself the time to finish the third panel starting mid term 3.

Course Documentation – Internally Assessed Standards

Below is the course documentation for the internals standards for level 3 photography. Note that 3.1 is optional – generally most students attempt 3.2 and 3.3 plus the externally marked the folio board.

February 8, 2017