Visual Elements: A Review

Reviewing the Visual Elements


Once you’ve gone through the above slide show in class, you’ll be working on the following task. Remember to post your best images to our Google+ community and then continue the discussion there (as directed in the final steps of the task). Our best work will be posted to our class blog.

Task in google docs (make your own copy)

Follow up Task:

When you’ve finished the above task and contributed to our Google+ community, consider which visual element image you’ve made is your best (you should take into account others comments, but weigh them up against your own judgement).¬†Share this single image into the following folder (make sure you name the image in the following format myname_element.jpg (where element is the name of the element the image is concerned with):

The image you upload here will become part of a class exhibition in a virtual gallery at


February 8, 2017