Photography Genres

Established Photography Genres and Artists




The following resource provides a list of established photographic genres along with artists who work within that genre. It is not an exhaustive list (either of genres or of artists) but provides a good starting point to explore different approaches to photography.


Step 1:

Look at at least 3 artists in each genre.

Step 2:

Once you’ve got a feel for each genre, pick 3-4 genres to explore in more depth. You need to look through at least 5-6 artists in each of the genres from the lists provided. You may also search up other artists that work within these genres using the internet.

Step 3:

Collect at 3 images from each of the 3-4 genres you’ve explored in more depth. You may choose to collect 3 images by the same photographer in a certain genre, or, you may choose multiple artists.

Step 4:

On Google Plus, create a new post for each genre that you’ve explored (so 3-4 posts in total). Write briefly in each¬†post what appeals to you about the genre. Then add in the images you’ve collected for that genre. Paste each image in a separate comment. Along with the image, make sure you include the artist name (and any other details like work name, year etc), and, a brief comment on why you’ve chosen this image. What about it speaks to you? What technical and compositional approaches do you see?


April 28, 2019