Photo Analysis and Reading Strategies

In order to learn from other photographers, and to offer critiques to our classmates, we need to develop our skillsĀ in image analysis. Image analysis is the process of first describing what we are seeing and then using these observations to posit what the artist may have been trying to communicate. We may also offer an evaluation of how successful they have been in this communication.


The following website offers and excellent review of terminology that is useful for us to use when analysing photos:

Take time to read through the above website and note the various terminology that is defined. Whenever you are doing an image analysis, you should refer to the above website – this will get you in the habit of using the appropriate language.

Example Analysis: Gregory Crewdson “Untitled 2” – The Twilight Series 1999

Information about this series of images:


In order to practice our analysis skills, we will select one of the following 3 photos for analysis:

David Hilliard – Boys Tethered 2009

Loretta Lux – The Drummer 2004

Jerry Uelsmann – Untitled 1982

Make a copy of the template below and add the image into the centre. Next, fill in the boxes, responding to the prompts. Remember to refer to the resource above on reading/analysing photographs. Make sure you add this template to your photography folder.

February 8, 2017